24h-Haushaltshilfen von Pflegewunder-zuverlässig und günstig.
Ganztagspflege von Pflegewunder-die günstige Alternative zum Seniorenheim.
Holen Sie sich noch heute ein unverbindliches Angebot für eine 24h-Haushaltshilfe.
Eine 24h-Haushaltshilfe von Pflegewunder erledigt für Sie den Haushalt.
Pflegewunder, zuhause leben, wir sorgen und pflegen.
Kinderbetreuung von liebevollen osteuropäischen Betreuerinnen.


Are you looking for a nursing or home help from Eastern Europe that will help you or a loved one in your everyday life? 24h care from 1.600 € / mtl. Our offer ranges from caring 24-hour care to a cordial childcare service to part-time models for the home economy.

In age, each of us has to accept physical limitations. However, this does not mean that accommodation in a nursing home is unavoidable. A Polish 24-hour care supervisor can take care of the person concerned and allow her to continue living in her own home.


Pflegewunder is a Europe-wide networked service provider in the field of 24-hour full-time health care. We are cooperating with qualified agencies in 6 countries to provide assistance to Eastern European caregivers. We also provide loving caregivers from the many agencies.

Our Polish 24-hour care offers you or your loved one the opportunity to live comfortably and well-cared for in the familiar environment to the old age - and at a moderate cost.

A first-class network with numerous partner companies enables us to meet the individual care requirements of our customers, thus ensuring their consistently high satisfaction.

Pflegewunder is currently the only provider of part-time care, which also allows financially less favored customers to provide an adequate support for their needs.

Our online cost calculator helps you to estimate the expected net costs. For this we stand by Pflegewunder - transparency and fairness from the beginning.

Your Pfelgewunder team